Judge McClatchey is an outstanding mediator. She has great listening skills, and is able to balance objectivity with being assertive in identifying and facilitating solutions to the problems presented.

Director of ITa local municipal government

I have some concerns about my management style, and this addressed them perfectly. This gave me some great resources to utilize in our work together. Thank you!

ParticipantManaging for High Performance Workshop

I plan to hold employee development check-ins with staff and to use this great form. I really liked the handout on learning styles and preferences and plan on using this soon. It will be a great tool for a new supervisor and a way for him to get to know his new team.

ParticipantManaging for High Performance Workshop

I will immediately implement the recommended framework for giving effective feedback to my supervisees.

ParticipantManaging for High Performance Workshop

We are currently working on updating our onboarding process to bring on a full team of facilitators for our summer program. We will immediately put this information to use.

ParticipantManaging for High Performance Workshop

As an HR Manager, I have implemented several parts of the discussion today. I plan to put it all together, brand it, and announce it.

ParticipantWorkplace Wellness Training

Hearing from the team was great because we now support each other’s goals.

ParticipantPromoting Wellness and Resilience Through Strong Teams

When I’m working, I am better able to focus.

ParticipantPromoting Wellness and Resilience Through Strong Teams

This workshop elevated my relationship with my coworkers. We spoke openly with each other regarding how we need help in reaching our wellness goals. Also, by increasing mental breaks, my work time is more productive.

ParticipantPromoting Wellness and Resilience Through Strong Teams

Having a former judge share the view from the bench is invaluable. Making connections between healthy conflict, strong teams, and risk management was transformational for our leadership team.

Peter LiFariExecutive Director
Unison Housing Partners

WorkSmart’s program goes far beyond a legal compliance exercise. We found that having our project facilitated by a former judge who can also share ‘the view from the bench’ has proven to be invaluable.  Mary’s training in employment law, conflict management, and building strong teams has moved us forward in the employee engagement and organizational development areas.  Her enthusiasm for helping people and organizations excel is contagious.

Donald MayExecutive DirectorAdams County Housing Authority

Mary gained our trust from day one. She has an uncanny ability to get folks to open up and get real. Our leadership team therefore moved quickly from the “let’s feel each other out” stage to the important work. While Mary’s differentiator is her subject matter expertise in employment law as a former judge, she is a talented trainer. She integrated risk management seamlessly into broader themes and skills sets that are essential for modern leaders and managers. WorkSmart thus exceeded our desired return on investment.

Peter LiFari, MBA, CPM, MFADeputy DirectorAdams County Housing Authority

For a free one-hour consultation with Mary, call (303) 229-3597 or email her at mary@worksmartpartners.com

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