PwC Millennials Follow-up Report/Actions

Recommendations in PwC’s Follow-Up Report/Actions Taken by PwC:1

  • Create a more flexible environment . . . Getting work done in less traditional ways doesn’t mean less quality or productivity – and it’s important for our managers to appreciate this.”
    • “We’ve been helping our non-Millennials see that Millennials are every bit as committed to the success of the firm and to delivering on their projects – but it might take a bigger leap of faith to allow them some freedom in how they get there.”
    • “By encouraging our managers to also participate and to model flexible behavior, we have started to loosen the hold we previously had on the work environment, and we’ve started to see results.”
    • “The US firm has ‘flex days’ where an individual has the option to work their minimum standard hours in four days as opposed to five, assuming they have agreement from their supervisor.”
    • PwC has structured pilot programs around flexible hours and flexible locations and “as a result we have been seeing an increase in our people’s engagement.”
  • Expand rewards for longevity
    • Publicize and provide leadership training and sabbaticals to reward longevity
  • Build a sense of community
    • Build strong teams through connection, collaboration, and building networks
    • Provide and incorporate corporate social responsibility activities
MANAGER TRAINING LINK: WorkSmart Partner’s training programs help managers build strong teams, enhance collaboration, and strengthen flexible work culture.
  • Evaluate the contingent workforce strategy of your organization
    • Provide greater flexibility in schedules and career progression.
    • “Leveraging Millennials as contingent workers can provide organizations with better control over variable costs, and enable a more dynamic workforce that is able to scale up or down to meet the changing needs of the organization.”
    • Flexibility Talent Network – “PwC has hired more than 500 team members as part of this initiative to support our busy season.”
    • On and Off Career Ramps. PwC has also implemented sabbatical programs for senior staff and a “Full Circle” program for alumnae so that they can rejoin PwC when and if they are ready to do so.
LEGAL LINK: Having a contingent workforce (as well as part-time and job sharing arrangements) helps enormously with ADA and FMLA compliance, providing your managers with a reserve bank of people they know and trust to fill in during ADA and FMLA disruptions.


  1. Engaging and empowering Millennials, a follow-up to PwC’s NextGen global generational study.
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