Employer Compliance; Strategic Initiatives

Our Core Compliance/Leadership Program

Our transformational approach to legal compliance will enhance leadership and management capacity, build stronger teams, and help you build a collaborative, supportive work culture, while reducing employer risk. We include harassment, discrimination, retaliation, conflict management, ADA and FMLA, pregnancy discrimination, and more.

Step 1: Needs Assessment and Compliance Audit

  • Review of Business and Talent Strategies
  • Code of Conduct and Employee Handbook: Review, Update, Include Social Media, Telework, BYOD Policies
  • Audit of Compliance Program: Oversight; Accountability; Training and Education; Lines of Communication; Central Management of Reports and Allegations; Grievance Process; Investigations; Internal Compliance Monitoring 

Step 2: Executive Briefing, Leadership Training

  • Executive Briefing on Audit and Needs Assessment
  • Leading the New Workforce – Update on Workforce and Legal Trends and Their Impact on Employer Risk
  • Align Your Employer Compliance Program with Business and Talent Strategy

Step 3: Harassment, Discrimination, ADA/FMLA Training for Managers

diverse cartoon people
  • Discrimination, Retaliation, and Hostile Work Environment Claims: How to Manage for High Performance and Collaboration While Reducing Risk
  • ADA and FMLA Claims: Managing Agile Teams to Maximize Compliance and Business Results 
  • Interactive Exercises Help Build High Performing Teams and a Supportive Work Culture
  • Review Training Details here


Step 4: All-Hands Anti-Harassment Training

  • Training for Nonsupervisory Personnel – Anti-Harassment and Discrimination; Promoting Teamwork, Civility and Respect; Grievance Process and Code of Conduct 

Strategic Initiatives

Great Flexible Work Programs – Align with Talent Strategy and ADA and FMLA Compliance Details

Advancing Mental Wellness at Work – Improve Productivity and ADA and FMLA Compliance Details

Balanced Hours Programs for Law Firms Details

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