Reduced Hours Programs for Law Firms

Reduced Hours Programs aren’t just for women anymore. Many of the best senior associate attorneys are rejecting the partnership track, and Reduced Hours Programs are a great talent strategy for retaining them.
  • In 2013, 30% of lawyers who worked reduced hours were men.1
  • New models of legal practice are growing – providing clients with lower fees and seasoned attorneys with more balanced legal careers at competitive salary levels.2

We partner with law firms to:

1. Assess the success of your current Reduced Hours Program (if you have one) or firm talent strategy

  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis of the RH Program
  • Review Program fundamentals, e.g., Program Coordinator, proportional compensation, hours creep policy, quality of assignments for RH lawyers
  • Collect data: has the Program retained and advanced women at the firm?
  • Are men being encouraged to use the Program?
  • Conduct stay interviews of attorneys

2. Clarify the strategic talent goals of your firm

  • Using data collected, update the strategic goals of the Program
  • Ensure Strategic Plan of firm is aligned with your Program

3. Design and implement a plan that brings your Program to the next level

  • How will you measure for success?
  • How will you monitor and administer for success? Training, staffing the program, etc.
  • Draft a plan for approval by management committee with clear deliverables
  1. National Association of Law Placement, here
  2. Disruptive Innovation, New Models of Legal Practice, Center for WorkLife Law here
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