Work-Life Fit, Flexible Work Strategies and Related Legal Protections

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Strategic Planning. We start by asking the right questions of leaders and managers. How can flexibility serve the business and talent goals of your organization? What are you doing now that is working well? What are the barriers to success and how can we address them? What are the types of flexibility that may not work in your organization, in certain positions, or at certain times of year? What should we try that’s new? Where is our comfort zone on these issues? Do we have the IT capacity to achieve our goals?
Gap Analysis. Once leaders and managers have a clear vision of how enhanced work/life fit and flexible work strategies will serve the organization, we conduct a gap analysis to assess current level of work/life conflict and efficacy of existing flexible work strategies. This will customarily include a survey, interviews, and often focus groups.
Make a Plan. Next, we’ll cull the data collected and design a plan for execution.
Implementation. Implementing your plan generally includes the following components:
  • Policy/Compliance Audit and Update. This comprehensive review includes: general approach to paid time off, parental leave policy, flexible work policy, telecommuting policy, protection of the organization under federal electronic communications and privacy laws, and compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and related state laws.
  • Flexible Work Toolkits for Supervisors and Employees. We also design materials to make it easy for everyone to request and manage ways to enhance work/life fit.
  • Supervisor Training. Supervisors make or break work/life program success. We train them to work with their teams to identify work/life and flexibility goals for everyone including themselves, and to align the team around achieving everyone’s goals. We also share important recent ADA case law mandating flexible work as a reasonable accommodation under the ADA. You can read about those legal developments here.
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