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WorkSmart Partners helps employers engage their employees to become healthy, productive, high performers, while managing risk.

Our consultation and training packages are tailored to address the most common pain points in today’s workplace. These often include:
  • Stressed and overwhelmed employees and managers
  • Lack of employee engagement
  • High turnover and absenteeism
  • High health care costs and disability spend
  • Low participation in wellness programs

We also help employers design the right flexible work program to attract, engage, and retain the best talent.

Everyone offers some flexibility. But most employers don’t have a comprehensive program that includes manager training and a compliance component that is current under the ADA and FMLA, federal electronic communications laws, and privacy laws. For these clients, we assess the current success of flexibility in your organization and design a program tailored specifically to the work you do, the talent you want, and the clients you serve.

Attorneys turn to us for a seasoned mediator of employment disputes.

Employment litigators and human resources directors turn to Founder/President Mary McClatchey for her experience presiding over and successfully mediating hundreds of federal and state employment law cases over fifteen years.

Attorneys and human resources professionals trust WorkSmart Partners for EEO investigations when an in-house investigation is not feasible.

As a judicial fact finder for fifteen years, Mary performs objective, reliable investigations of unimpeachable quality.


For a free one-hour consultation with Mary, call (303) 229-3597 or email her at mary@worksmartpartners.com

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